Brigitte Macron will teach again the French, four years after his retirement

Brigitte Macron returns to his first love. At age 66, the first lady, a former teacher at the high school, preparing to teach French. According to the information of the Point, the wife ofEmmanuel Macron has created two schools, the funding for which was provided by LVMH, referred to as the Live (the Institute of vocations for the job). Installed in Valencia (26), and in Clichy-sous-Bois (93), these sites of courses are intended for adults of 25 to 30 years of age who have left school without qualifications, without skills training and who have not received training.

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In all, around fifty pupils per school could benefit from this training, where English, math and history will be taught. Workshops designed to provide a professional project and to present themselves during a job interview will be organised. “At a pace that is not defined by a course every two weeks, or a month, the ex-teacher of the high school of Providence, Amiens, and Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague, in Paris, will make the class“, indicates The Point.

Brigitte Trogneux (her maiden name) has left his position of professor in 2015. She taught French and latin at Amiens, when she met Emmanuel Macron, then a student at the high school. They are aware of in the drama club which she hosted. Seduced by his intelligence, she would have said one day coming back from school : “there is a fool in my class who knows everything about everything !“, according to his daughter Tiphaine Auzière in the book The Macron. They married years later, in 2007, fifteen years after their first meeting.