Britney Spears interned : under “cocktail” of drugs, she found her son

In April 2019, you learned that Britney Spears had been admitted to its request within a psychiatric hospital in Beverly Hills. In a state of “great emotional distress“, the singer was supposed to attend a thirty days of treatment. It is the fragile health of her father, Jamie, who would have plunged Britney in a grueling depression. Although it is not fully restored, the huge singer would be leaving the hospital on Wednesday 24 April 2019.

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His fans were dead worry after having seen the shots of her exit, after she was granted a day of furlough, Sunday, April 21, 2019, in order to spend the Easter holiday with his sweetheart, Sam Asghari. During these few hours, she had not been allowed to see his son, Jayden , and James, aged respectively 13 and 12 years old, from her union with Kevin Federline.

During their divorce, Britney Spears had got the guards alternating their two boys. They spend three days with their father, and then three days with their mother. During his internship of thirty days in the psychiatric hospital, the artist had not been able to see his children. According to TMZ.comthe normal rhythm of the guard would have picked up, on Friday 26 April 2019, although the doctors are “worried” that his state of health. Several sources close to the star reportedly confided that Britney will “feel better after his treatment” but that it would suffer “even mental problems“.

The one who confessed to be a victim of “death threats would also be under treatment with medication. learns that the doctors would have difficulties to find the right combination of the “cocktail of medication” to stabilize the state of health of Britney. The girlfriend of Sam Asghari would suffer serious mental health problems that would affect his perception, and should follow a therapy.