Carla (Marseille) speaker : Stress, detachment of the placenta, its revelations

Carla and Kevin have formalized the new this Wednesday, April 24, 2019, on Instagram. The two candidates of Marseille will become parents in October. After sharing a photo of her baby bump, the beautiful blonde 22 year old confided about her pregnancy, on Snapchat.

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After explaining that she felt liberated to have finally announced to be pregnant with her first child, Carla has not hidden be somewhat stressed : “At this time, it is too much. (…) Have a one who lives in you, I think that there is no more beautiful, even if it goes through moments complicated the first few months. It’s too weird to live with a little being inside of you. In addition, I’m too stressed. I get stressed out of all, I wonder if it is still there, I fear. So I fear, I bought a thing to listen to the heartbeat of my baby. I listen in the morning and in the evening. (…) It is too happy with Kevin.

She then revealed why they waited for the fourth month in order to break the silence : “We knew in mid-January that I was pregnant for fifteen days. And fifteen days after that, I had a small abruption of the placenta, so it was too anxious. It was believed that it was the drama. We went to the emergency room, we passed by moments of complicated, there was too much fear. Finally, we explained that it was a small placenta detachment and that I shouldn’t move at all for three weeks. (…) It was played a lot on our morale.” Fortunately, their baby is now in perfect health and will be, according to the doctors, as big as his dad.

Now that it’s official, Carla has promised to share everything with his fans on his social networks. It will not, however, reveal the sex of the child for a little while : “We don’t know if it is a boy or a girl. The decision was made not to know that for the time being.

Carla did not miss a word for the people, like his ex Julien Bert, who spoke of her pregnancy, as she had not been formalized. She regretted that they evoke the subject because it is a time that belonged with Kevin.