Caroline Bittencourt : The model died while trying to save his dogs

After Tales Cotta, a new brutal death rocked the Fashion world : Carolina Bittencourt died last weekend. The model 37 was a boat ride with her husband and was swept away in a storm after trying to save his dogs.

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The tragedy happened on Sunday 28 April 2019. Caroline Bittencourt and her husband Jorge Sesteni have been caught in a violent storm with winds blowing at about 100 km/hour, during a catamaran trip, in Brazil. The two dogs, the mannequin fell to the water. Caroline Bittencourt tried to save them by diving, but was swept away by the waters.

Jorge Sestini has plunged to his tower to rescue his wife, without success. The man remained in the water for five hours before being rescued by a sailor who retrieved it.

The body of Caroline Bittencourt was found Monday afternoon by civilians who had volunteered to participate in the research. It was located 4 hours from the place of his disappearance, on the beach and Cigarras Beach. The sad information was confirmed by the father-in-law of the deceased, Alfredo Sestini.

Caroline Bittencourt was married in the month of January to Jorge Sestini. The happy event took place in São Miguel dos Milagres.