Case Christian Quesada : Jean-Luc Reichmann would have been able to fight with him

Christian Quesada, winner of the 12 Strokes of noon, has been arrested and indicted for “corruption of a minor” and “possession and distribution of child abuse images”, and that, Jean-Luc Reichmann does not digest at all. The host of the famous game of TF1 has once again expressed his anger. It was April 20 on RFM in the show An hour with Bernard Montiel.

Jean-Luc Reichmann, who tonight, will live on TMC for the last of the drama Night of drunkenness, has first responded to a question about the castings of the candidates of the emissions and on the ability to learn more about their past judicial – Christian Quesada was convicted in 2001 and 2009, a time for exhibition of sexual, another time for possession of child pornography images. “How do you think I know all of this ? (…) If I had half the shadow of a doubt while he was there, or even before, I would have done everything to stop for just a moment !”, a-t-he retorted.

Always very reassembled, the facilitator of 58-year-old who no longer wishes to pronounce the first name of Christian Quesada continued, without turning : “maybe I’d busy myself, this guy, because at a given time, these are things which are unbearable for me, who advocate for the past seven years Leo m. mattei, the minors ‘ brigade, and I’m trying to really do prevention.

In a recent interview with C à vous on France 5, Jean-Luc Reichmann had confided how much this story had touched him in the heart : “You can imagine for me the injury, to have put someone like that forward ? It was a pride to say that it was an example. (…) I am guilty because I wonder how I missed that… can You imagine that I sleep well at this time ? No !