Catherine Deneuve not against turn with Woody Allen : “I would prevent it ?”

January 2018 : full scandal #MeToo, a column published in The World by women for men to retain the “freedom to annoy” is wrong. Catherine Deneuve is part of the signatories and crystallizes all the tensions. In Paris Match this week, the actress defends her new film, Farewell to the night, his partner in crime André Téchiné. Questioned on the reactions by this platform, as by his unwavering support to Roman Polanski, Deneuve takes. Better, she says she would “immediately” with Woody Allen if he proposed to him while the latter seems to have been dropped by Hollywood.

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People are angry with me or they will be disappointed, this is not my problem. As in the case of Roman Polanski, this is a textbook case. The way he has been treated is unacceptable. It has more than paid. I think that in this story, a lot of women are blinded by their feminism and don’t even know in detail the facts, legally speaking.” Note that after the chronicle published in The World – and the critics-almost all directed to Catherine Deneuve, who signed the most star of the text, the actress had received the support of Samantha Geimer, the victim of roman Polanski. For several years, she is fighting for her “case” is forgotten. In a tweet, she wrote : “I agree with all my heart, with miss Deneuve. Women need equality, respect and sexual freedom. We get it in we are defending ourselves and together. Not by asking the other to protect us and to define what is ‘allowed’ for women.

Our colleagues from Paris Match then asks Catherine Deneuve if she would be willing to turn with Woody Allen, sidelined since Dylan Farrow, his adoptive daughter, has been again accused of sexual assault. “I’d love to shoot with him, he is a man of immense talent. I don’t see why I would not agree to it. That to me would prevent it ?

This case was closed in 1993, due to lack of evidence. These past two years, however, the testimony of Dylan Farrow has received an echo unheard. A Rainy Day in New York, the last film of the director, was never released, and some of its stars, such as Timothée Chalamet, have donated their salary to charity and have disavowed Allen. The producer new york is now claiming 68 million dollars to Amazon, which was intended to produce (to the tune of $ 9 million) and take out A Rainy Day…, as well as his next three feature films. His return on the big screen seems compromised.

Find the full interview of Catherine Deneuve in Paris Match, on newsstands April 25, 2019.