Cecilia (Koh-Lanta) pregnant : she reveals 1st pictures of her baby

Jesta is not the only former candidate of Koh-Lanta to wait for a happy event. Monday 22 April 2019, Cecilia announced that she was pregnant with her first child. Those who participated in the adventure game of TF1, in 2016, will give birth to a little girl within three months, a happiness that she shares on Instagram.

The mom-to-be has once again unveiled her beautiful baby bump, cast in a long white dress. “Thank you again and again for all your messages filled with love and happiness. Myself, I always come back to the idea of me saying that in a few months I’ll have a mini me. My belly is starting to round off“, she légendé his photo published on the 26th of April 2019. And, in story, it unveiled images of one of her ultrasounds. So we can observe her baby move. “His mouth, his profile, his nose. I like him already“, she wrote in the comment.