Charles Dumont : His parisian home is still burglarized !

Charles Dumont is currently a wounded man. The singer and songwriter, who lives in the posh 6th arrondissement of the capital, was the target of a burglary. The thieves stole the money, but, more painful still, they took the affairs of his deceased wife.

The magazine Ici Paris relates that the events took place during the weekend of Easter, at a time when the capital city was largely emptied of its inhabitants, only too happy to enjoy three days of rest, to take the air in the family. The magazine says that the burglars have put the hand on the jewels of his wife, Jeannine, who died in 2016, and that he kept as a souvenir… They have also stolen money.

Charles Dumont, who celebrated his 90th birthday last month, had already been the victim of a burglary seven years ago. At the time, he had been relieved of the equivalent of 200 000 euros. In the loot, it was mostly memories ofEdith Piaf (partitions, disks, cufflinks…), which he had carefully preserved. Singer, the artist is also a composer and lyricist and has collaborated with the Kid on a quarantine of securities in which the tube No, I regret nothing. “It’s a dirty story, it is disgusting… on the emotional level, it is immeasurable. My thieves have got enough things of value. I ask only that they make me some memories. Those of Edith, and then also the covenant of my father. (…) They can drop them in an envelope and send them to me at my address, “he said at the time in the pages of the newspaper Le Parisien. A call in which it is unclear whether he was heard or not…

Still active despite his advanced age, Charles Dumont has worked the last year with the philharmonic orchestra of Besançon.

Thomas Montet