Chris Marques and Jaclyn Spencer : Their show futuristic surprise !

Friday 3 may 2019, the event is at the Paris Casino with the holding of the show So, we dance ? Chris Marks and his partner Jaclyn Spencer. A show that is already full at Paris, but who is going to continue for a few weeks everywhere in France !

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Interviewed by our colleagues of the Parisian about this dance show combining choreography, sharp, 3D, and augmented reality, the juror’s iconic Dancing with the stars (TF1) tells : “At the outset, we imagined telling our story with Jaclyn [his wife, with whom he won three titles of world champions of salsa and hosted a small Jackson, there are two and a half years, editor’s NOTE]. Finally, we had a lot of crazy ideas, we didn’t want to be clinging to reality, we wanted to go on things that are more abstract, more conceptual.”

It is thus that the technology has taken a prominent place in the show staged by his care and choreographed by Jaclyn Spencer. To do this, our sisters reveal also that “the scene is located between the two screens equipped with technology holographic, which comprise multiple universe”and sets“. Impress the viewers of the show in which we also find Christophe Licata (DALS) and his wife, Coralie.

If you want to enjoy this show, be aware that the troop will, in particular, on may 5 at le Mans, the 11th at Amnéville, 12, Strasbourg, 17 in Lyon, the 18 in Nice, the 19th in Marseille, or the 26th of may in Rennes. Don’t miss it.

So, we dance ?, this is what may 3, 2019, at 20h at the Casino de Paris and then throughout France until 26 may.