Christophe Adam : Down for a meal in the name racist…

Christophe Adam, a well-known face to viewers of cooking shows (The best pastry) and Parisian foodie (he must store The Flash of genius in the centre of the capital), is now at the heart of a controversy. In question ? A flat in the name deemed racist appearing on the menu of his restaurant, legal Deposit, in the 2nd district.

In 2019, you’re oklm in a restaurant and you come across this kind of ‘joke’… For info it is in Legal Deposit 2nd arrondissement of Paris“, wrote one internet user to excess, by posting a photo of the menu. You can read what is being offered to customers on the “Ching Tchong Salad”, in this establishment open in 2017. A dish in which include spring rolls, prawns and a sauce made of ginger and coconut milk, for 19 euros.

The tweet in question has generated a veritable avalanche of comments and shares, to such a point that the magazine Koi has contacted the chef, Christophe Adam for an explanation. “All my greatest apologies for the huge pellet that is a huge misunderstanding, “he first declared, adding that he would ask his team to take action. He has since released a statement in response to the magnitude of media coverage of the case. “Yesterday evening, we were intrigued by the title of our salad with asian flavours which hit a large number of people from the asian community, but not only. We would like to clarify that this name has been chosen very awkwardly for its resonance asian and not to show a racist, which there is absolutely not within the Legal Deposit and, more generally, in the heart of the company The Lightning bolt of Genius (…) We condemn with the greatest firmness the messages of hatred and racism against any community“, he stated.

This controversy is reminiscent of the one that referred to the talent Kev Adams et Gad Elmaleh for a skit also considered racist towards the asian community.