Christophe Beaugrand, a young married man, flourished : its nice message misunderstood…

On July 25, 2018, Christophe Beaugrand lived on one of the days the happiest days of his life by marrying her lover Ghislain to Paris. On 23 April, the host of the French tv channel TF1 has decided to take the word to celebrate the six years of the adoption of the “Marriage for all” to the national Assembly… A law that allowed him to live this great happiness.

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He thus wrote in the caption of a photo of the Day : “today is the anniversary of the ‘Marriage for all’, six years already that we, too, we say yes. Thanks to this law, our life changed last summer with @ghislainbeaugrandgerin ! We are happier than ever, our families, and our friends have accompanied us in this moment so strong, so special life. This sharing is amazing. To conquer this right, this has helped to break down stereotypes, to show that our love was worth as much as that of others, that our marriages were as strong as heterosexual couples, that we belonged all to the same company, regardless of our sexual preferences. In our lives, with my husband, there has been a before and an after. I wish you all to live the same happiness ! And six years later, I still do not understand why some struggle even to want to question our rights. The live together, it is also to accept that the other is different and these differences are a richness for society. Because love is always stronger. @ghislainbeaugrandgerin my love, my husband, my companion… I love you.”

A very beautiful message, which unfortunately has not been understood by all of its admirers since many are those who have benefited from the publication to wish a happy wedding anniversary to the couple. “This is not our wedding anniversary !“, recalled Christophe Beaugrand on several occasions. And to add with smileys laughing : “Lol, people don’t read.”