[Critical] the Avengers : Endgame, a snap of the fingers of the perfection

Infinity War has not been easy for the spectators, the film of over two hours affected the patterns Marvel decimating half of the universe. Our heroes were more used to victory that the bloodshed, there are more weakened than ever. Thanos has slapped the fingers and back does not seem possible.

The Evolution of the characters

If the protagonists have evolved over the course of their adventures, they were also vulnerable. The snap of Thanos has put a dent in their heroic figure, leaving only the flaws of human. Construction on the new character is a synonym of renewal for the house of ideas. The MCU, often peopled with archetypes of the genre, offers us a new face in Endgame. Among the characters, who gain depth, Thor is no doubt the one that stands out.

Worn by Chris Hemsworth, the character is bluffing sincerity. If Thor : Ragnarok was blown this renewal at the norse god, Endgame sign of his awakening. Even the deities are made poorly. Some protagonists struggle to find their place on the screen and are unfairly pushed into the background. Captain Marvel yet announced as central is not enough space to meet the expectations that its introduction led to. As in Infinity War, the brothers Russo are not to enter the crowd of characters in the three hours of film.

Thanos is without a doubt the antagonist to the strongest of the universe and his struggle the more impacting. Introduced in the previous film, the titan crazy is proving to be the opponent perfect for our team. Driven by a desire for accuracy, it seems indestructible, and the Avengers have never faced such an opponent. Josh Brolin embodies to perfection the scourge of humanity, both in its vulnerability, as in her rage, destructive. Served by a CGI effective, the interpretation of the actor speechless. In his confrontation with Thor, Brolin gave us a glimpse of his talent, but he confirmed his power in Endgame.

An old refrain

If in its construction the scenario sins sometimes, it takes us where we do not expect. All the theories in the world cannot prepare you for what awaits you. Complex and yet so simple, the plot grab your attention from the beginning to the end. You very quickly forget his shortcomings, to focus only on one thing : enjoy. The show is agreed at certain times, but it will delight the fans of the universe and neophytes alike. If the film suffers from its hybrid form and its plot stitched white wire, it is saved by its emotional range. We dive quickly into the world that takes us out of tears, hiccups, surprises, and chills of excitement.

The brothers Russo regale us

The two directors are back after Infinity War and offers a spectacle beyond the standards. They were the combat scenes are sometimes illegible in the Civil War , but Joe and Anthony Russo have this time found their rhythm. Even if Joss Whedon and the first Avengers had set the bar very high, they are able to offer a nice show for the retina, without for all that we taped to our seats.

One remains speechless in front of the management of the framework by the filmmakers, some plans are quite memorable and it is rare enough to highlight it. It must be said that they were able to surround themselves and have once again made a call to Trent Opaloch photography. Both in his management of light, colours, the one who already worked on the Civil War, managed to create a real atmosphere, which is not of the one introduced in Infinity War.

Side music Alan Silvestri is back with a bang, after having left the reins to Danny Elfman and Brian Singer in the’Age of Ultron. In addition to running the main theme, Silvestri-back to the origins of the characters and exploit the musical universe Marvel brilliantly. The music comes in perfect resonance with the plot and explores a new dimension. It adds a new flavor to the story without the eclipse.

The house of ideas has not always exploited the digital special effects in the best way, to the image of young Tony Stark in Civil War, but this time, it is quite convincing. If the decor of the Wakanda seemed to be made of paper mache, some sets ofEndgame are worth a look. Most of the film was shot on a green background, some of the scenes lack any realism, but in the end, the eye does not linger, too busy with the flood of action that befalls him. In the scenes of clashes, the digital special effects are at the service of the action, and Russo do not fall into one-upmanship. The image is pleasant to the retina without revolutionizing the genre. Close to the aesthetic of the previous film, Endgame delights more in its substance and in its form.

A conclusion the long-awaited

The stakes are massive. To close a plot of 21 films, it is the aim ofEndgame, and the brothers Russo are doing brilliantly. The feature serves a purpose and wants to pass on a message. Anything can happen, nobody is immune. Falling sometimes in the clich├ęs of the genre, the film aims to completely rethink the schema already installed. An important phase of the MCU comes to an end and it will not be without tears. In its moments of humor, Endgame delights fundamentally the fans. The fan service is present, but does not arrive like a hair on the soup. The brothers Russo play on the heartstrings and their passion for the universe is no longer to prove. There remains only one unknown in the equation for Marvel, the future.

There is no point to stay until the end of the credits, since there is no scene post-generic announcement the future of the MCU. We remain on our hunger, we who were accustomed to know the schedule of studios for years in advance.