Daniel Levi and cancer : “I walked further, I could not breathe”

Guest of the radio broadcast, the Show Of Luxury, presented by Jordan Luxury on Voltage, and Daniel Levi has made several revelations touching on the disease. The singer of 57 years, of which we had learned about the hospitalization in November 2018 without really getting all the details, has unveiled its fight very hard against the cancer.

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After her stay at the hospital, Daniel Levi had left his entourage to give his news. This is Sandrine Aboukrat, his second wife, who was in charge. “After two months of hospitalization with its share of complications, Daniel Levi finally returned to the house, where he began a convalescent to return if D… the wants stronger than ever“, she said then. Now, the likeable singer evokes in the person’s state of health. “I was going through a trial, sickness, and, at a given time, the state was very critical, the more nothing worked. (…) There had been signs, a year before, that I have not taken it seriously, seizures, episodes of intestinal, “said the singer on the radio, saying he did not, however, want to “get out the handkerchiefs“.

The singer, interpreter of Moses in the musical worship, The Ten Commandments, has provided more details about his illness with candor and emotion. “I had something at the colon, the chemo was so effective that the tumor has not wanted to get the hell out without hanging the colon and has a bite. (…) One is obliged to operate in an emergency but on a guy who did the chemo, it’s complicated, he explained before adding that they have suffered from a “generalized infection“. At one point, Daniel Levi has even slipped up in horror… “I walked further, I could not breathe, I could not eat, I was so infused my muscles had melted, “he confessed.

Fortunately, this ordeal is nearing its end and the artist does not miss to emphasize that “everything is amazing when all comes back“.

Thomas Montet