Death of the Anemone : “Cracked”, “on”, “crazy”… Rain of tributes singular

Anemone is no more. The great actress died at the age of 68, succumbing to a “long illness, “announced his agent to the AFP, Tuesday 30 April 2019. Since the announcement of his death, in the evening, several of the personalities who have flanked of near to him have already paid tribute, in their own way, and with a candor which does honor to his memory, whose straight talk was well-known.

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First, those who have shot with it, the image of Josiane Balasko in The father Christmas is a junk. “When we did ‘The father Christmas is rubbish’, it was perfect in Theresa. Anemone, we now have the vision of when she was older, it was a girl who had let himself go… It was a girl gorgeous, it had a lot of charm, she was hot… Then, deliberately, she decided not to get into this kind of criteria, I think. It was an actress who had a presence incredible. (…) Je have never heard that she was unwell. Anemone it was the memories, both happy and both extremes, “says the actress to the RTL.

“We loved her because she was out of norm

The one who speaks about it the best is can be , Patrice Leconte, who directed the cult comedy Come with me, I live at a friend’s house and My wife is called back. “It was largely cracked. It is the big cracks that go… It was cracked, but it is a compliment because she was elsewhere, she was crossed out, but it is for that reason that we liked it, because it was outside the norm, “says t-it also RTL.

An opinion shared by Michel Blanc. “Egirl had this power comic, at the same time she was very beautiful, very attractive, and very crazy, she has always been very mad. She had an imagination absolutely bursting, she was anything but rational, except routine… there was always something unexpected in what she was doing, “continues his great acolyte of Father christmas is a junk. It is also the first of the team that goes : “When we were 25 years ago, it was said one day that one will die first, no one knew where it was… Now we know.”

In addition to these tributes very singular, other personalities have to express their emotion with a few words or images, like Audrey Pulvar, Benoit Hamon, Vanessa Demouy, Sandrine Quétier, Vincent Desagnat, or Christophe Beaugrand…