Dick Rivers is dead, the day of his 74th birthday…

More than fifty-five years of career, thirty studio albums in solo and numerous tours in France and across the Atlantic : the career of Dick Rivers has been marked with many strokes of brilliance in the head of the hit parade, but also a few passages to empty. But while remaining faithful to his side crooner fan of american blues, the performer has been able to renew themselves and to seduce its audience on several occasions, her debut with the wild Cats in the fifties for his latest album written with younger authors.

Hervé Forneri – his real name – was a native of Nice. It is in the course of several trips to the United States that he discovered the blues and rock ‘ n ‘ roll in the 1950s. With Jack Look, Jean-Claude and Gérard Roboly, it launches the group wild Cats in the early sixties and is inspired by the character ofElvis Presley in the film Loving You for his stage name : Dick Rivers. Hey Pony !, This is not serious, Twist à Saint-Tropez : the face of black Socks (d’Eddy Mitchell, the band has success. But after only a year, Dick Rivers decided to go solo. Adapting standards of English rock and american, the young singer, 19-year old continues to establish itself as head of the hit parade with such titles as Going in going in and Just forget me.

In 1966, the actor is already father of a boy, Philip, born of his union with Micheline Davis, when he meets Monique, a producer nicknamed Fly. The couple remained married for thirteen years and Dick Rivers adopts Natala, the daughter of his girlfriend. While he knows a loss of reputation in the 1970s, Dick Rivers takes the opportunity to occur across the Atlantic with the group Maze. It is partnering with Alain Bashung as he reconnects with his French fans, especially with the song Mama don’t like my music. In 1981, the interpreter 36-year-old found his comrades of the wild Cats the time of an album which appeals to the public. It is also at this time that he falls under the spell of Babette, 18 years of age, with whom he was having an affair for several months before ending her marriage with Monique. But if the sentimental life of Dick Rivers takes a new turn, her career experiences a loss of speed at that time.

It was not until the early 1990s to see it go on tour again with Francis Cabrel. Dick Rivers found some success with the album heart of sun (1995) and a show in paris at Bobino. While continuing to combine the concerts with songs from his album Live like that, the singer became an actor playing in a film in 1999, The Candide Madame Duff of Jean-Pierre Mocky. The interpreter and the director will be four years later for the movie The Ferret. Always by diversifying its activities, Dick Rivers also tried to write with two books, Conspiracy in Memphis (1989) and Texas Blues (2001) ; the animation radio France Bleu, on tv, on Paris Premiere, or even the theatre, in particular in the successful play Les Paravents (2004).

In the years 2010, the crooner celebrates his 50-year career, and continues touring and albums. It renews itself by collaborating with authors as diverse as Benjamin Biolay, Mickey 3D, Joseph Antwerp or even Axel Bauer. If it continues to innovate in the studio, Dick Rivers did not forget his greatest success as he takes over for the tour of the idols tender Age in 2018, at the side of Dave, Sheila and Nicoletta.