Disney wants all Hulu

But the strategy of Disney doesn’t stop at Disney+. The company Bob Iger wants more, and in particular Hulu. The streaming platform is now 60 percent owned by Disney, following the purchase of 20th Century Fox : the studio had 30% of the service, which are added to the 30% already in the hands of Disney.

Dear pipes

Mid-April, Hulu took it for AT&T the 10% that the american operator owned the service. With 60% of the capital of Hulu (or even 70% with the share of AT&T), Disney already has two hands on the wheel. However, this is not enough : the company would seek to acquire 30% of Comcast.

Have full ownership of Hulu would enable Disney to strengthen its strategy for streaming, with a side of Disney+ for the family offering, ESPN+ for the lovers of sports, and therefore Hulu to the production of more adults in the group. And propose a bundle that even Netflix could not match.

Nevertheless, it must be that Disney manages to pull out of Comcast for the famous 30%. The cable operator would have certainly needed money, but above all, he also intends to launch on the market of streaming via the chain NBCUniversal. By giving in Hulu to Disney, Comcast would create a new competitor in size to its own platform.

Hulu is hardly known beyond the u.s. borders. It is a streaming service more popular : the number of subscribers has doubled, its valuation has almost tripled to $ 15 billion. Despite all this, the company continues to lose money (1.5 billion dollars of losses last year). But this is not that effraiera Disney…