Elisabeth of Belgium : A 17 year old, the princess plays the fire brigade and provides !

King Philippe and queen Mathilde of Belgium, can be reassured : the actions that can save lives, extinguish a fire, the princess Elisabeth knows how to do !

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A student in Wales since the academic year of September 2018, where she was admitted to Atlantic College in the network prestigious United World Colleges (UWC), the young duchess of Brabant, 17-year-old has made his return to the country in the favor of the Easter holiday. And if it has most certainly made the most of this break to enjoy his reunion with his two brothers and his sister, the prince Gabriel (15 years), prince Emmanuel (13 years old) and princess Eléonore (11 years), who had a view part with emotion, she also used to play its role as heir and continue his learning of the future queen in power.

And the princess Elizabeth accompanied it Friday 26 April 2019 the king Philippe of Belgium to the Barracks and the Heliport, the headquarters of the training Centre of the fire brigade of Brussels, also called the School of fire. Father and daughter were able to talk with instructors and students from the centre, and have carefully observed a number of demonstrations : extrication of a victim trapped in a car accident, technical, fire-extinguishing or evacuation of victims despite the presence of snipers. But they did not remain mere spectators : uniforms were provided for them, that they have coated for an introduction to the interventions.

Elizabeth, especially, has put hand to the dough, as evidenced by the photos that we offer : in addition to the first aid procedures and the installation of a compression bandage, the crown princess has handled the lance to fire with dexterity, what has confirmed the firefighter Nick Geellenn. “She filled her task calmly and very controlled, focusing well on the start of the fire that she has fully turned off. What is not so simple when it is run for the first time“, he observed. A student of the centre who had just completed his training has also entrusted to the belgian media that the duchess of Brabant spoke of the fire of the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris : “I found it to be sincerely interested. She asked if there were more women among the firefighters and how the fire of Our-Lady of Paris we had touched. It seemed to me to be well-prepared for this visit and has asked good questions, “he reported.

The princess Elizabeth should not take part in other official commitment by the belgian national day, 21 July. Three months later, on 25 October, she will celebrate her majority. She could then claim to receive a substantial royal grant (961 000 euros), but her father, king Philippe said that he did not intend to ask for it, her daughter is focused on her studies and on her personal development, and thus lacking the time to devote to his royal function for the moment.