Emily Ratajkowski : Canon at the beach, she shows off her beautiful forms

Emily Ratajkowski is one of the celebrities most sexy of the planet. She consolidates her status on the social networks… and the beach ! The bomb has enjoyed a relaxing afternoon this week and caused a spike in temperatures, thanks to its charming swimsuit.

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Tuesday, 23 April, Emily Ratajkowski and two friends were found on the beach of Malibu. The model of 27-year-old has spent part of his day to gild the pill in the sun, wearing a one-piece bathing suit of his clothing brand, Inamorata.

Irresistible in her beach outfit olive, Emily Ratajkowski has naturally attracted the attention of locals and tourists also present. The pretty brunette has extended a number of charm started on Instagram : she had celebrated Easter by posting the images to a photo shoot hot for the magazine LOVE, with the representation of a rabbit in handcuffs.