Emma de Caunes and her daughter Nina : selfie “on the beach, abandoned,”

This is not the first time that the wife of the cartoonist british Jamie Hewlett (the original graphics of the group Gorillaz) shows the sides of her teenage daughter. They have even made a recent appearance together at a party organized by Sandra Sisley, owner of the agency Sandra & co, and wife of Tomer Sisley. It was in September 2018 for 65 years of the brand Damart.

The girl, who was youtubeuse, in fact, the pride of his mother. Very discreet about her private life, Emma du Caunes, pours a little on her role as a mother. In 2015, it has, however, entrusted to the Woman Present to be afraid for his daughter : “Difficult not to fear for it in the world crazy in which we live. If I could continue to give him kisses, hugs, and keep it in my little nest away from danger… I know very well that it is necessary to learn the reality of the world. But I think it’s too early, too hard. Me, I took the metro to 8 years. We were the last generation to live in heedlessness.