EnjoyPhoenix : When she was “emmerdée” by “assholes” in the transport

The youtubeuse EnjoyPhoenix, Mary Lopez, his real name, has long had to avoid public transport.

In his latest video dedicated to his flights (flights that are alleged by people in the light of its commitment to ecology), the young 24 year old woman desired to show how to limit its environmental impact when it comes to move. Thus, when she spoke about her personal travel everyday, Marie Lopez – who has a car – has revealed : “I had a tendency, at a certain moment of my life, take over my car as the public transport because I felt more secure.

And EnjoyPhoenix to be more concrete on the traumatic experiences which led her to prefer her car : “there has been a time for me where this was no longer possible to take the public transport, it all became very complicated. I used to follow, I used to piss in the subway because people recognised me from my videos. There were friendly people who just wanted to take pictures, and talk but you had also the morons who come in and shout ‘EnjoyPhoenix !’, who followed you and who laugh when you pass… So for me it was starting to become complicated, I took the transport as when I was with other people.”

Fortunately, the pretty influenceuse, which assumes today its imperfections, ensures that this time is over. “The transition is in process of redo in the other direction and it is cool because it was really boring to take my car everyday. The public transport, it is faster, it is more eco-friendly, it’s just that me, I had a small fixette…“, she concluded.