Eva Longoria amazed by his son Santiago and raging with Ricky Martin

Princess Madeleine of Sweden, the actor Hugh Jackman, Laeticia Hallyday… The list of stars in spring break goes on ! Eva Longoria has put her name in flying to Saint-Barthélemy and asking her suitcases to the villa Jade, property of Hallyday. The mom of the adorable Santiago pursues his dream vacation to Puerto Rico and made a display of her dancing skills outstanding.

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This weekend, Eva Longoria has left Saint-Barthélemy. She has informed her more than 6 million subscribers Instagram of his departure by posting a photo of her baby Santiago (10 months), adorable in a body-white printed for lawyers, and it. The actress of 41 years allows for users to track their adventures and reported his safe arrival at San Juan, capital of Puerto Rico.

“Santi” (the nickname of Santiago), the “little lawyer” as she wrote in one of his posts in reference to the keeping of the boy, is obviously of the trip. Saturday, April 27th, the little boy took a stroll in the Old quarter of San Juan with his mom and has impressed during a meeting with a pirate at the head of death. “He has not even cried“, was surprised Eva Longoria.