First Kisses : Anthony Dupray and Magalie Madison turns up on the scene

The nostalgic of the 90’s will be thrilled to learn the news ! From 1991 to 1995, was broadcast the series First Kisses , which, inter alia, in the scene Anthony Dupray (from 1993). It was then found in The Years caf (1995-1997), and then in The Years blue (1998). The career of the actor of 44 years then will be more calm. An experience that gave him an idea for a project, entitled the Last Kiss.

With the director Franck Le Hen, he had the idea of creating a piece of theatre on his life as a comedian. The pitch ? “Anthony, actor star of a TV series in the 90’s, agrees to participate in a day organised by fans a little special. Between laughter, emotion, song, rant, nostalgia, and surprise guest, he will be forced to dive back into this universe-series / he takes more of everything and maybe come to terms with its past.” Anthony Dupray is not the only star of First Kisses to be included in the casting. The beautiful brown – who has had to deal with the cancer of his dad – will be accompanied by Magalie Madison, who interpreted the famous Annette.

The pretty, blonde 45 year old also made discreet since 1996, and the end of the Years caf. Just had-it makes a return noticed in The Mysteries of love by hooking up with Mr. Girard, in 2013. Caroline Gaget and Matthew Nina will also be included in the casting of the Last Kisses.

The show will be played from may 3 to July 10, 2019, at the theatre of the Great Comedy.