Florian (Married at first sight) as a couple : his crazy encounter with his girlfriend

Florian is in love. March 24, 2019, the candidate of Married at first sight 2 announced on Instagram have found love in the arms of a beautiful blonde of 28 years. He did not wish to reveal his identity, but took the time to make a beautiful declaration of love : “And then one day, that falling over you… It appears in the corner of a street, headed towards you, and at this precise moment, you understand that happiness is knocking finally at your door, because you simply know that it is her.

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Today, we still do not know who is the mysterious woman who makes his heart beat. We know a little bit more about the circumstances of their meeting. On the occasion of a session of questions/answers on Instagram, Monday, 22 April, 2019, the young woman revealed that it is in a street of Marseille that she had met the young man 29 years of age. “We met in Marseille, face-to-face, on a street corner. He was charming, with a great infectious smile. It is awesome and an incredible kindness. (…) It came out of a pro event, me too. A few smiles, a few words… and Then he has suggested me to go for a drink. I’m not talking about yet never to the unknown, I hesitated. But being dehydrated, I accepted“, she wrote.

Since, they were inseparable and even plan to live together : “Him being in Toulon and me to Toulouse, we are reluctant still. For the moment, TGV several times a week.A priori, the commercial does not reveal his identity anytime soon. The couple is evidently the victim of attacks and insults on social media since the revelation of their love story, she prefers to remain in the shadows.

Some may have still not digested the rupture of Florian and Emma. As a reminder, they were united in Married at first sight 2. For several months, they have lived a story that has, however, taken to an end in march 2018. Today, Emma is in a relationship with Laurent, also a candidate for the season 2 of the program of dating of M6. The couple has formalized their relationship at the end of December and does not cache any more since.