Frederick (Koh-Lanta 2019) eliminated : “Maxim drowned in his lie”

Frédéric was the first eliminated of Koh-Lanta, the war of the heads (TF1). But the adventurer has made his surprise comeback at the Blue after abandoning medical Aliséa. After several weeks of the game, it has finally been disposed of at the meeting of ambassadors at which the old leaders took part. With, Frederick’s book about his experience !

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Did you expect from at this time there ?
From the moment I realized that it was Maxim, the ambassador of the Blues, I understood that I was going to leave. He did not really intend to negotiate, but just to eliminate me. I was expecting so it was not a surprise, just a confirmation. Even if I had a small hope of staying, I knew that I had two chances out of three of from. I was not resigned, but just realistic.

You say you won’t be disappointed jimmy. Why ?
You can’t be disappointed a person whom it expects nothing, it seemed logical. It was a little like a guru in the team of the Blue and I wasn’t in awe of him, I was not part of his disciples. This is a character who has values, who has a strength, building on the tests but I’m not a fan of Maxim, even if it is someone that I like in the life of every day. The concern is that it does not assume what it does.

You reproach of having taken his role as leader a little too seriously ?
It has not at all taken seriously, the role of the leader, the proof : I was eliminated ! Logically, he would have had to eliminate someone from the opposing teams.

Why have you been sacrificed, according to you ?
Maximus had an alliance with Clo, Mohamed and Brice. Cindy was able to crush and to put a little bit on the back burner. However, I have a big mouth, I have a doubt, I showed him that I didn’t agree with everything he said. And I think that it did not please him that I take him into head.

Do you understand the argument that you were too much a strategist, and would have been able to harm the good of the tribe reunited ?
No, I do not understand. If he had told me : “I love you, and eliminates because I think you’re going to mount a strategy against me‘, I would have accepted. But his argument does not hold water, he is drowning in his lie. We did it when we was 7 years old, not when it was his age. I am a strategist, as assumed, I told the truth : that the strategy is part of the adventure. Others are strategists, but hide it. I think Maxime was afraid that I was not part of his alliance, but at the same time, it was already made, this alliance ! We do not know but I had had affinities with Maud and Cyril before the formation of the teams. We had planned with Cindy’s approach to reunification to try to form a small team.

What was the atmosphere on the Blue side ?
In spite of everything, there was a good atmosphere. Most of the time, there is engueulait not. I am, of course, with Brice, Mohamed and Cindy, of course. After, it became more tense when we were talking about strategy or that someone was going to look for the necklace. There was no desire to talk together about the post.

How was the return to reality ?
I stayed in the whole 50 days, I’ve had a super adventure in the final jury. It was very strong humanly. And after, the return to reality is hard ! I put a good two, three weeks to hear when my family was talking to me, I was still inwardly with my friends on the island.

What has been the most hard on the camp for you : hunger, hygiene, the absence of loved ones, the fatigue ?
There are two cases in Koh-Lanta : those who have children and those who do not. For me, the hardest part was the lack of news of loved ones. It is not prepared for it, in contrast to fatigue, hunger or lack of hygiene. I take this opportunity to talk about the small buzz that made my words on my dogs. I said that my dogs had not understood why I was away, not that I missed more than my family !

Have you lost weight ?
I had no balance, but I think I lost 8 or 9 pounds, I’ve pretty lost the first few days. But I quickly caught up ! At the residence of the final jury, I ate well and I grignotais small biscuits between meals. Result, I came home with 3 kilos more than when I was gone !

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