Game of Thrones : The battle of Winterfell is raging… One debriefing episode 3


To arms…

They arrive at not felted, in the total darkness only remains one thing, the noise of the death. The first to make the expense of this army, what are the Dothrakhis. The people of Khal Drogo, feared in all of Westeros, does not carry weight in the face of the undead king of the Night. Swords flaming provided by the red witch will not be sufficient to defeat the walkers white. Not very talkative, the episode leaves us time to breathe, a few minutes before we drink the retina of scene of fighting, of bloodshed and of the sea of fire. Very quickly, the army of the living is to be found in a very bad position. The blameless are decimated, and the dead are entering the precincts of the castle. No music or dialogue, just the noise of the dead that destroy everything in their path. If the scenes are dark, sometimes too, the work on the sound projected into the epicenter of the action. The footsteps, the breaths and the cries that punctuate the action masterfully. The battle at the start in the open air found confined within the walls of the castle. The face of blood, Arya runs to escape the walkers white. While he or she is convicted, Beric Dondarrion sacrifices himself to save the young warrior. He has completed his destiny, Thoros of Myr said, there will be no resurrection this time.

“What is dead cannot die”

The losses were not very heavy of the side of the main characters, and the battle of Winterfell has been less deadly than expected. After you have had the right to its redemption, Theon sacrificed himself to save Bran the King of the Night. The character offers beautiful farewell to the series, where is its place. With her own people, that he was often in trouble, the protagonist shoots his bow. In a last heroic gesture, he passed away, before the wet eyes of the spectators. ” What is dead cannot die. “

Theon is not the only one to have left the skin since Edd Tollett also passes the weapon to the left, saving Sam from certain death. The companion of the Night guard, will come back later as undead, before disappearing permanently. The young Lyanna Mormont, which was not expected to make an appearance in the series, plays an important role in the battle of Winterfell and will not spend the night. The little girl was because of the blue-eyed giant, she plants her dagger into the skull of the colossus before turning off onto the floor. Lady Mormont is no more, just as its parent Jorah.

He has promised to serve her until the end. Lowered his loyal dragon, Dany does not lead off prior to his faithful servant, Jorah, come and defend it. The lovers perished fighting to protect his queen and will die as a hero. If the scene upsets us, it appears as an end is acceptable for the character. He said he was ready to die for it.


The young Targaryen and his nephew find themselves in front of the King of the Night on their dragons respective. In heaven, the three protagonists engage in a battle without thank you. The fire does not seem to burn Viserion, which inflicts heavy injuries to his brothers. The dragon zombie did, not because of Drogon and Rhaegal who manage to come out alive of the fight. Fallen on his faithful steed, the King of the Night finds herself at the mercy of Daenerys. One stops breathing when the mother of dragons launches its iconic ” Dracarys ! “ Without success, the king of the Night escaped unscathed from the fire, and therefore of the clash.

Valar Morghulis

Exit Jon Snow, Jorah Mormont or Jaime Lannister, the one who eliminates the King of the Night is none other than Arya. Little girl adventurer, slayer of blood, the young woman is revealed in the course of the seasons, and it was she who struck the fatal blow. Her training with the faceless has not been in vain, since the young Stark succeeded where everyone had failed. The scene makes us jump as it is unexpected. His cry of rage before attacking the King of the Night, mark the memories, and the following finished we finish. Bran, all-knowing, saw that coming since he had offered to his sister, the dagger that would change the face of the world. As unpredictable as pleasurable, the death of the King of the Night sounds like a sweet conclusion to the war against the dead. The more episodes pass, the more we can imagine the young Stark to ride on the throne.

The war for the 7 crowns resumes

At the time of doing the accounts, Daenerys has lost a lot in the battle of Winterfell. If Cersei has 20,000 men in its ranks, the troops of Dany have severely been weakened by the war in the North. Victorious in the North, the Queen of the Dragons could wipe off a defeat to Port-Réal, and the loss of his ally still, Jorah Mormont, is a hard blow for the Queen Targaryen. More alone than ever, she will have to find its place between a new heir to the crown, and Queen Cersei more determined than ever to eliminate it.

It is thought that an alliance between Jon and Daenerys ? Too busy to fight against the army of the dead, the two characters have not made things clear. The main issue of the episode next will certainly be the reaction of Dany in the face to Jon and the truth about his parentage. If the war against the dead has ended as a new day dawns on Winterfell, the party is far from being won. The two lovers will they compete for the throne ? The cards are redistributed, the question remains, who raflera the implementation. In one hour and twenty-two minutes of battle, the episode puts a final end to a story long eight seasons. If the clash does not disappoint in its construction, one has the impression that everything is happening too fast. The Battle of Winterfell seems to be anecdotal in the face of what is waiting for our protagonists to Port-réal. Cersei is getting ready and the dice are stacked. For the throne, some will pay the price of blood.