Game of Thrones : The questions raised by the episode 2

****Attention Spoilers****

Sansa is entitled to ask the question to Daenerys since the alliance between the mother of Dragons and the king of the North calls into question the independence of the North. For the moment, the subject seems to be taboo, in both Jon and Daenerys. The reason for this reversal of the situation, the feelings between the two characters. Moreover, Danny says to Sansa, she loves Jon and she has given up in his quest for the throne to help in the battle to compete with the walkers white.

As smart as it is, Tyrion never ceases to disappoint his queen, and could well hang up his badge hand of the king. His biggest mistake has probably been to believe Cersei. His sister has assured him that it would send its troops to the North while she had no intention of joining the battle against the walkers in white. If we understand that Daenerys does want to keep Tyrion at his side, it would seem that the youngest Lannister is on an ejection seat. The arrival of his brother at Winterfell is not a good sign for Tyrion.

If Jon’s reaction when the revelation about his parentage was centered around his father, Daenerys she thinks only one thing, his throne. It would seem that it does not accord any confidence to her lover, as she sees him immediately as a rival. Last male heir of house Targaryen, Jon is without a doubt the pretender legitimate to the throne. It is not yet known if the young wolf decides to oppose Daenerys, but the scene deserves to raise numerous questions. With walkers white approach, our protagonists should have other cats to whip, but the quest for the throne could reserve a lot of surprise.

Jenny of Oldstone is a song present in the novels of G. R. R Martin and which refers to the events of Lestival and the relationship between Jenny of Vieillesroche and Duncan Targaryen. The heir to the throne, already promised to another, had given up his title to marry Jenny. The song is not there by chance, since it appears at the moment where Jon confides in Daenerys his true identity. If Duncan has abandoned his title by love, it is not certain that the mother of dragons to do the same. The parallel is quite simple, but the end was tragic for the characters. Is this a harbinger of a massacre to the image of the Lestival ?

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Where is the king of the night ?

They arrive at Winterfell and the resistance is organized. We see walkers white at the city gates in the North, but no sign of the King of the Night. The Westeriens have developed a plan, which is to draw him away from the battle to wipe it out. His connection with Bran, is without doubt a part of the answer to his absence. He flew down to Port-RĂ©al on the back of his dragon to attack Cersei ? The trailer of episode 3 seems to contradict this hypothesis, since Jon announced his imminent arrival. The battle promises to be epic.

Among the scenes which we have marked, we will also retain the dubbed Brienne and his exchanges with Jaime, the love scene between Arya and Gendry, and the trial of the regicide in the face of all those he has hurt. Episode 3 promises a lot of action after the first two games more talkative than usual. The war is in the offing.