Game of Thrones : the theories about the king of the Night multiply

It is Arya who struck the coup de grace, and which reduces to nothing the army of the dead. But while the King of the Night is reduced to dust, a question remains. Who is he ? The theories are going well, but not sure the series brings us the answers expected…

The king of the Night is not a Targaryen

The last episode has reignited the theories about the true identity of the King of the Night. One scene in particular debate, it is that of the confrontation between the King of the walkers white, and Daenerys. Then he just fell off of his faithful steed, the Sovereign of the dead, is confronted with the Imbrûlée and the fire of his dragon. In a word, “Dracarys”, the young woman puts an end to the conflict. Finally, this is what we believe, because a few seconds later, he appears in the middle of the flames, unbeaten, unlike his minions, who fear the flames.

If it has characteristics in common with Daenerys, the comparisons stop there. During its transformation, about 12 000 years before the beginning of the series, the Targaryen were not in Westeros. In fact, to see the first men’s silver-haired getting to Westeros, it is necessary to go back only 300 years before the fall of the King Baratheon. Aegon, the first of that name, then leaves his island Peyredragon for the conquest for 6 of the 7 crowns. The powers of the King of the Night, however, remain a mystery, in addition to resisting fire, it is capable of riding a dragon (zombie), something that is reserved to the Targaryen.

Bran trapped in the body of the Night King

The crow with three eyes is omniscient and in one of his excursions into the past, Bran discovers the creation of the Walkers white. Since this episode, many imagine that the young Stark would have ended up stuck in the body of the King of the Night, and would have waited patiently for its birth to attack Westeros. In addition to the physical similarities, it is the link that unites the two characters, which strengthens the suspicion. If Ned seems to hear the cry of his son in the vision of episode 3 of season 6, the King of the Night, he managed to hit the crow with three eyes and drop his mark. Defeated by the young Arya, the character goes off and takes with him his biggest secret. The last episode does not contradict this theory, but it’s a safe bet that the next will bring some elements of response. Unless the writers decide to leave us in the fog…

The King of the Night has been defeated, but with bitterness. No revelation about his motives, or his origins, for the moment, would this be the end bitter sweet promised ? The conclusion of Game of Thrones is not far off. The fourth episode will be broadcast on OCS next Monday at 3 am in the morning.