Game of Thrones : this playlist gives clues about the end of the series

***Attention if you are not up to date in Game of Thrones, we do not recommend the reading of the article.***

Unveiled on the 9th of April last, the playlist Game of Thrones : The End Is Coming Is a cache of clues about the plot, according to the creators. In collaboration with the streaming platform, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss offers a list of 51 titles Rock that enter into resonance with the plot. While the first three episodes have been revealed to the public, some of the references become more obvious. “The end is present to 100% in the choices of the playlist. Nobody’s going to believe us but it is true,” would mid-April, the two show runners in a press release.

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The Battle of Winterfell sung by Bob Dylan

The King of the Night has fallen, and this song of Bob Dylan foresaw the outcome of combat. Through the song Girl from the North Country, the creators of the series we announced that assènera the fatal blow. The young daughter of the North is none other than Arya. The war is preparing, and the color of the eyes is important. In War of Grandson, besides, it is matter the color of eyes and skin, a critical element in the episode. “Until the color of a man’s skin has no more importance than that of his eyes”. The spectators may be passed by this scene in the series, but in the first meeting between the red witch and Arya, she said “I see a darkness in you, and to the inside of the eyes that looks at me. Brown, green, and blue, eyes you’ll shut forever.”

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The White Stripes, the prophet of the defeat of Cersei ?

“I will smash his face in, an army of seven nations will hold me.” The fate of Cersei would lose his place on the throne ? With his company golden, it relates to the moment the crown of the 7 kingdoms but not for much longer if we listen to the song by the White Stripes. It is Jaime who could be at the origin of this upheaval and it is Prince who says in Sister. “My sister has never liked anyone other than me” ,“You want to make me sad”, and it will not do it light-heartedly.

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A rebellion in Westeros

The people is rather invisible up here, and if it was him that sat on the throne ? War Pigs – Black Sabbath appears as a cry of revolt. “Politicians hide themselves away they are thirsty for war. So why do they not themselves. They prefer to send the poor”. The next king of Westeros could it be from the people ? Has the time for democracy in Port-Réal? Time will tell, but the presence of the title in the playlist is based on the question of the people in the plot. Apart from the walk of shame, it is in fact not present in the political issues.

To learn more about the plot, it will be necessary to scrutinize carefully the playlist, concocted by the creators themselves. The ultimate season of Game of Thrones is available on OCS simulcast and replay.