Gemini Man : Will Smith faced his clone in the first trailer

Henry Brogan, played by Will Smith, is a professional killer. Suddenly targeted by an agent, it will discover that it is, in fact, a clone capable of predicting his every move.

After life of Pi, Ang Lee is back, but this time in an action thriller. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Caribbean) the film suggests a technological feat is impressive. The project is not new as Bruckheimer wanted to already develop it with Disney in 1997, before leaving in the same year. A few technological advances later, the film arrives in theatres on October 2 next. ” This film could not exist with the production techniques as we know them today. Thanks to new technologies, not only that, we have been able to co-exist on the screen two Will Smith – a young one and an older – but most of all we are going to offer spectators an experience completely immersive.” explains the director in a press release.

A cast, three-star

It must be said that the challenge is daunting because the plot relies entirely on its two characters. If in Looper, Rian Johnson had chosen Joseph Gordon Love Hewitt for playing the young Bruce Willis, Ang Lee count on Will Smith to portray the two characters. “Today I am 50 years old, my “double” in the film 23 ; it is funny because I think that I would never have been ready for this role at the age of 23, at the beginning of my career. This shoot really has me challenged, both emotionally and physically : it is one of the shoots in the most demanding of my entire career.” confides the actor. It will, however, not only to keep the house as it will give the replica to Clive Owen (Sin City) and Mary Elizabeth Winstead it was discovered that in The Ring Two by Hideo Nakata in 2005. Benedict Wong will also be of the party, after being beaten with Doctor Strange and the Avengers, he will play a character named Baron.

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The film arrives on the big screen on 2 October, and will find himself facing a giant of the genre. He will have bread on the board since Rambo 5 is back on the same day.