George and Amal Clooney out : they are launching a new application committed

This wide-ranging collaboration is a first for the couple, married for four years now. To the side of his wife, a lawyer specializing in the rights of Man, the actor of Catch-22 is now equally committed to a political point of view and a humanitarian. This democratic notably as the spokesman for LGBT rights, the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, refugees in Darfur and in Syria…

A few weeks ago, the oscar-winning actor has called for a boycott of the hotels sultan of Brunei , such as The Meurice and the Plaza Athénée in Paris, to denounce the draft of the penal code inspired by the shari’a, which promises in particular, flogging for women who dare to have an abortion, and death by stoning for homosexuals and people guilty of adultery… A return to the stone age that has shocked the actor, supported by the singer Elton John.