[Good map] B&You : flat rate of 40 Gb for 9.99 euros per month, and 80 Gb for 16,99 euros per month !

Access to offers B&You

For 9.99 euros you’ll be entitled to unlimited calls and texts to and from metropolitan France and DOM. Calls and SMS from Europe/DOM to metropolitan France/Europe/DOM. 40 Gb in metropolitan France, of which 4gb are usable in Europe/DOM. Beyond the envelope, MMS (outside metropolitan France) and the internet billed at the rates in force.

Also to be noted the package 50 Gb for 16,99 euros per month including unlimited Internet for the week-end as well as 10 Gb of raoming usable not only in Europe but also in the US and canada. Finally, one other package is also 16,99 euro per month offers an envelope data of 80 Gb with 8 Gb usable in Europe.

Don’t forget to provide your number RIO by calling 3179 if you want to keep your current number.