Graham Nash, a 37-year gap with his wife : their sex life as “crazy”

It has been almost two years, Graham Nash left his wife of long standing, Susan Sennett, mother of his three children. Bye Bye to the family home to Hawaii and hello to the high life in new york with his new companion, the artist Amy Grantham, aged 40 years. At 77 years of age, the rockstar of the group Crosby, Stills and Nash & Young file the perfect love with his girlfriend, who was almost half his age.

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The Daily Mail reveals, the 24 April 2019, they were married in two ceremonies, one formal, the other more… mystical. “Amy is a native of Tallahassee Florida, but she loves Scotland for about 15 years and goes there every year, “said Graham Nash to the tabloid. Thus, it is in Scotland that the rocker and his girlfriend were married, during the ritual of “hands tied”, a ceremony of pagan celtic, which is to develop thirteen colored wristbands on the wrists of the bride and groom. In order to have a legal marriage, Amy and Graham are also married in Woodstock.

He believes hard as iron to the sustainability of this umpteenth marriage. “How long will last the rest of my life ? I’d like to live to be a hundred years old and still able to sing“, he says. In any case, it seems for the moment to have enough energy to consummate his marriage. “My sex life is crazy. It has never been as well, “says Graham Nash. “I fell on a woman just simply great. She has not half my age, “he continued.

A situation that is not to the taste of everyone, especially not to his children (Jackson, 41-year-old is a year older than Amy, Will and Nile). “I’m not talking about all my boys. It is terribly sad, but maybe time will heal all wound‘s,” says musician member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.