Guillaume Canet, dad : what he missed with his daughter Louise

Usually very discreet about his private life, Guillaume Canet is delivered in the pages of Nice-Matin. He speaks of the relationships he talk with his children, Marcel (soon to be 8 years old) and Louise (2 years). As he described the relations were sometimes difficult between the characters in his film, We’ll end up together , and their children, the companion of Marion Cotillard has taken her own children as an example.

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It is not easy to be good parents. It was not always the attitude or the discourse as it should be. It is important to recognize this and, for me, of the show. For a long time, I was afraid that my son is disrupted by the arrival of his little sister. So, I have put too much time to give it the attention it required, I acknowledge, “says Guillaume Canet. Issues that are, in reality, a good number of parents and the director of 46-year-old has decided to exploit it : “It may be very personal, but I’m talking about things that I know. If we want that to become universal, it is necessary that it is first of all a resonance strong personal self.”

Especially anxious before the film’s release, scheduled for 1st may 2019, Guillaume Canet was granted a few laps of the track at the GPA Jump Festival at Cagnes sur Mer, before the presentation of his film in avant-premiere in Nice. “I flip to death ! (laughter) I know that the film is highly anticipated and I find it more human, more deep, more light than the first. Least in satire, and pathos. I want people to like it !“, explained the father of Marcel and Louise. “Pnobody think of myself as an actor or a director when I am riding. I have arranged for that before-first to coincide with competitions. Like that, I can pursue my two passions“, highlighted the passion for riding. A case carried out efficiently…