iOS 13 : the iPad Pro is expected to support the mouse

It is a compatibility that users expect from the Apple tablet for nearly 9 years, and the release of the first iPad. With iOS 13, the iPad could finally support the mouse or the trackpad, via an accessibility option.

The rumor of the mouse support on iOS first appeared in the mouth of Federico Viticci, a journalist from MacStories guest in the last episode of the Connected Podcast. Detained, the developer Steven Troughton-Smith has dug through the lines of code and has discovered that many of the API pointed in the direction of the mouse support in the future version of the mobile operating system from Apple.

Of course, at the present time, this compatibility remains hypothetical, even if the sources are reliable. Long requested by professionals from all edges, the support of the mouse could indeed become a reality as of the next version of iOS.

Although the tablet is designed around the touchscreen, the mouse could find its place especially in the case of photo retouching professional (especially now that Adobe is going to adapt Photoshop on the iPad) or as a pointer in a word processing application, where the touch and quickly becomes tedious. However, on the part of Apple, this compatibility could be restricted to only the iPad Pro, not the iPad “normal” or to the iPhone.

After having given in and offered a pen to his tablet with the Apple Pencil, and then now with mouse support, there will soon be no big thing to the iPad Pro to replace a computer, if not the support of external hard drives, which could also make its appearance with iOS 13 according to some rumors. In all cases, we will have all the answers in a few weeks on the occasion of the official presentation of iOS 13 at WWDC 2019, including the conference opening will take place on 3 June.