James, the son of prince Edward : 11 years old and already behind the wheel of a Land Rover !

After the recent mishaps road prince Philip, 97 years old, involved in the month of January in an accident that could have very serious consequences and result of which it has issued its permits, up to the initiation of James, viscount Severn, grandson of 11 years !

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Amazing images made at Windsor on Monday 22 April 2019 on the occasion of Easter holidays of the british royal family show the young son of the prince Edward and countess Sophie of Wessex at the wheel of a Land Rover Discovery, his mother sitting next to him, in the passenger seat, for a small tour in the park of the castle. The domain is private, there is nothing to legally preclude the boy, despite his young age, and notwithstanding the issues of licence or insurance, was introduced to the driving under the supervision of his parents. A great way to learn without pressure a few basics in the subject before being able to claim, in a few years, a driver’s license – age 17 years and older for a car, in the Uk – and roll it in the public domain.

On the lands ofElizabeth II in Windsor, each one moves and attends according to his preference : for many days, the outputs of the duke of Edinburgh in horse-drawn carriage, a discipline he loves to practise and for which he officiates occasionally as a juror during equestrian competitions, give rhythm to the everyday life, while the monarch was able to be occasionally seen in the process of riding a horse – a passion to which she does not intend to give up, no offense to her doctors. The same day James was seen driving a few hours earlier, his father prince Edward, and his sister, Lady Louise Windsor, aged 15, were also in the riding, while the teen and his mother were playing with the two dogs of the family, a labrador and a cocker spaniel English.

The prince Edward, the countess Sophie of Wessex and their children have taken part in the family gathering for Easter, and the mass celebrated in the chapel of St. George, where Elizabeth II was launched a few days earlier, the festivities for the easter in the company of princess Eugenie of York, on the occasion of Maundy Thursday (“Thursday of the mande”). Prince William and the duchess of Cambridge, prince Andrew and their eldest daughter princess Beatrice, Zara and Mike Tindall and Peter and Autumn Phillips were also present this day, which coincided with the anniversary of the sovereign – 93 years on April 21. An anniversary was marked on Monday by a volley of 41 shots from cannon fired in Hyde Park, under the supervision of the princess Anne.