Jenifer is not legitimate in “The Voice 8” ? Leona Winter annoys !

Jenifer is part of the adventure of The Voice on TF1 since the very first season, even if it left his chair, coach of the version of adults during seasons 5, 6 and 7. Yet, according to Leona Winter, who has built his team a few weeks ago, the singer of 36 years old is not the coach the most respected… and it’s maddening !

On Instagram, the first artist, transformist of the télé-crochet has enjoyed an excellent service from Jenifer onFrance 2 (then that she took with flying colors The world is stone de Starmania) to defend the one who hired her. “I am overwhelmed ! To all those who dare to say that Jenifer doesn’t know to sing or interpret a song, or that it has no legitimacy as a coach of The Voice… Listen and feel. An artist, a true, intergenerational, who knows how to sing standards with a difficulty without a name as The world is stone, who succeeded for nearly twenty years as one of the women artists, major thanks to her universe and pop variety, with lyrics that touch or securities business, who fights for the cause of women and against all forms of discrimination, and that despite ups and downs and keeps the head high for the love of the stage and his audience is bigger than everything. I say BRAVO. We all have to learn from an artist such as Jenifer, sorry, a WOMAN LIKE JENIFER ! Congratulations and thank you for everything“, could be read.

A few days later, Leona Winter took the floor again on Instagram, but this time to unveil its new head after you have decided to say goodbye to her long hair. “A fresh look for spring. What do you think ?“, did it to his fans.

The Voice 8, it is every Saturday at 21h on TF1 !