John Singleton in the coma ? The mother of the director accused by his daughter !

The state of health of John Singleton is a cause for concern… and the state of his or her family environment, too : while the american filmmaker of 51 years, nominated twice for the academy awards 1992 (best director, Best screenplay) for the worship of Boyz N the Hood and to which one must Shaft, 2 Fast 2 Furious, secret Identity , or the Four brothers, has made a stroke, his entourage is torn.

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John Singleton was admitted to the Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles during the week of April 22, 2019, returning from a trip to Costa Rica, because of a problem with a leg that could have been triggered by his trip to the plane. On the 24th, he was the victim of a STROKE called “benin“, reported by his family to the site Benin of course, but that necessitated the placement of the patient in intensive care. His relatives were then united, asking for via a short press release to the media to respect their privacy in these tough times and thanking the fans who sent their prayers and thoughts.

Spoiled by a mother’s abuse ?

But, very quickly, TMZ learned that the STROKE was more serious than originally advertised and that the filmmaker was in a coma, according to his mother, Sheila Ward. The latter would soon ask a judge to grant him a temporary guardianship on the grounds that Singleton is “unable to fill as it would be necessary to its own needs in terms of physical health, food, clothes, or roof“. By this procedure, Sheila intended to primarily achieve the negotiation of a contract juicy that the director, among many projects, was going according to her to sign. Maneuvers that have caused an internal war : daughter of John, Cleopatra Singleton, aged 20 years, says that his father is absolutely not in a coma and is recovering day by day ! According to her, even if it is still under sedation, he is breathing without assistance, responds to stimuli, and could, in the opinion of the doctors, leaving the hospital within five days.

The young woman accuses her mother of having lied on the line to take advantage of the situation : Sheila Ward abused his role of assistant and manager of his son to control his assets and deprive his children while he is in the inability to make decisions. “My father has left his mother to play this role out of fear and obligation, given that she has been mistreated psychologically and abandoned when he was a child, making it emotionally defenseless, “denounces it.

John Singleton is the father of five children from various relationships : in addition to Cleopatra, there is Maya (born in 1992), and Maasai (born in 1994), fruits of her marriage with Tosha Lewis, Hadar (born in 1997 and seen in some movies), that he had with his second wife, the actress ghanaian Akosua Gyamama Busia, and Isis (born in 2010), the outcome of his relationship with Mitzi Andrews. Recently, he has directed episodes of the hit series The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story , and Empire, co-created Snowfall and taught in his former college of cinema, USC Film School. Last January, we had been able to see the side of her friend, actress Taraji P. Henson on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for the unveiling of the star of the latter.