Kaaris : Police, wounded, gas tear-gas grenade… his concert is degenerating !

Kaaris is known for its concerts at the moods being overstimulated. It is necessary to believe that the one he gave on Saturday 27 April 2019 was a little too much. The rapper 39-year-old planned to occur during the festival of urban music of Anoumabo (Femua) in Abidjan in the Ivory Coast, his native city. As reported by the AFP, it is the fourth song from the rapper that everything degenerates and turns almost to a riot.

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A “crowd-hyper” was transferred to the security fence that was in front of the podium, prompting a backlash of the forces of law and order. The local police used their batons, but this was not enough to contain this group of “young overheated” and had deployed the tear gas. “Even Kaaris tried to reason with her, but in vain, as they became more and more threatening at us and threw stones, bottles, or even rocks, “says a witness of the scene in Paris.

Kaaris attracted over 10,000 people and has had to suspend his concert for more than an hour. Back on stage, Armand (his real name) has expressed its anger and called for calm in order to continue its performance. “The police are at the origin of this infinity“, has a festival-goer to the AFP, who came to see “his idol“. In all, four people were injured in the riot, including two police officers and a division that would have been “transported on a stretcher, “according to Le Parisien.