Karine Le Marchand, mother wolf, warned the suitors of his daughter

It is better not to attract the wrath of Karine Le Marchand ! Especially when it comes to her daughter, Alya. At the age of 16, the teenager between age of be able to get out and start dating. An eventuality that was prepared for the facilitator’s flagship M6, but not without conditions. On Instagram this Friday 26 April 2019, Karine Le Marchand has shared a photo detailing the ten commandments which must be obeyed by the aspiring future sons-in-law. And attention, it is necessary to hold on to !

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In fact, to win the heart of his “beloved daughter”, he will also think to convince her mother. Thus, “get a job”, “get 30 minutes in advance” or “hire a lawyer” are obviously de rigueur for the best friend of Stéphane Plaza. And if someone dares to hurt her “princess”, station : “Whatever you do, I will do it”, “back in jail is not a problem for me”. This has the merit of being clear… Karine Le Marchand is a true mama lion and “it will get better in the telling”, she says in the caption.

A publication that has not failed to provoke hilarity among his followers in which more than 13,000 have “liked” the photo. “On will print it”, “It’s all done!!”, “Sometimes it is good to remember some rules”, have amused some people. And to go out with the mom. What are the risks ?”, tried another.

As a reminder, Alya is the only daughter of Karine Le Marchand. Recently, the presenter of The love is in the pre – trusted on the difficulties she had faced to become a mom, the pushing has to consider the LDCS (medically assisted procreation). “You know, I had a lot of trouble having my daughter. I began a journey of LDCS to finally fall pregnant naturally“, found it in the columns of the magazine Boy.