Kim Kardashian is rotated above : hilarity and disgust in a healer

Each week, the adventures of The Incredible family Kardashian attract millions of spectators across the world. You can imagine their surprise when they found this week’s episode, which aired on April 26, 2019. We discovered Kim and Khloe Kardashian on holiday in Bali. The two sisters were of 38 and 34 years, decided to appeal to a local healer, that purifies the spirits with his voice (well, not exactly).

This is the kind of people I wanted to meet, “says the wife of Kanye West at the beginning of the session. “We had not been able to build strong connection with the first healer we met, while Ratu was presented to us, “says Khloe. “The hair, the bracelets, the knowledge and the wisdom : this is the man we need, “continues the mum-of-True, so sure of herself.

The healer long-awaited closes his eyes and clears his throat, before starting to belch at full speed, without stopping. Ratu rota then a few inches of the faces déconfits of the two sisters, who are more than shocked. During the session, Kim Kardashian gives a nervous laughter. “If there’s something that I do not support it, it is to roter, “she said, facing the camera. The session ends with a huge burp released by Ratu, arms open to the sky. “Maybe this is a joke“, asks Khloe, while Kim panic : “I can’t do that.” Then another ritual is about to begin, the two sisters decided to flee the lair of the healer roteur. “We will never be healed“, déplorera Kim Kardashian, who admits to not really knowing what it is to be a healer.