Koh-Lanta 2019 – Alexander eliminated : why he has not tried the collar

During the last episode of Koh-Lanta, the war of the heads (TF1), two candidates have been eliminated. Frederick has been sacrificed at the meeting of ambassadors and Alexander was forced to leave the game after the votes of his comrades at the council. For Purepeople.comthe old Red made a few confidences on his journey.

Were you expecting to be eliminated this evening ?
By going to the council, I am 90% sure that I go out. But the days before and even a couple of hours earlier, I knew nothing. Until Cyril came to see me to tell me that Cindy had told him that my name was pulled a few times. It is only there that I said to myself that it smelled bad.

What did you feel ?
The counting of the votes, I said that Cyril would jump if I had a collar. But I didn’t and so I knew that I was leaving the game. Necessarily, it is weird. I was disappointed not to be able to make more individual races and show what I was worth. I would have liked to do more than the half of the adventure. If I’d won the necklace during the immunity challenge, it would have changed everything ! Maud had won immunity, Cyril had a collar, so at three, we would have been able to eliminate that we wanted. It is a big regret at having lost the test.

You do not want to leave in the face of a Nicolas who has already failed…
The merit is pretty subjective, but it is true that from in kiffant the adventure in the face of someone a bit of a sawtooth, it is hard… After, on the tests, he is rather good, but it is not always at the top morally. At times, he wanted to leave, but I think it was a very happy stay and good for him !

Why not have looked for the necklace in the last minute ?
When looking for the necklace, it puts the focus on us. The others say : “He is looking for the necklace, because he knows he’s in danger.” And then he should know that at the time where I learn that we are going to vote against me, the boat that takes us to the council arrived in less than two hours. You didn’t see me pick up the collar, but I’ve done a lot for several hours. There, I said it was better that I take advantage of my last moments.

What do you think of the strategy to eliminate the Red remaining ?
For me, this is clearly not a good strategy. Once they eliminate the Red, what happens ? The Yellow ones are more numerous, so they decay to the Blue. I don’t understand the interest. To the reunification, I thought that, with Cyril and Maud, we would have been approached by fred and Cindy or Yellow for an alliance. I really thought that we still had our chances to save themselves.

Camp Red, your comrades have criticised your too great appetite. What have you to reply ?
The dispute is over the coconut. Me, I say that it is the food that has the most. In my head, it was not obligated to share in small bits. And then it was often me who was breaking and as it takes effort, I octroyais the right to take two, three pieces of more as a charge to opening, we’ll say (laughter). I can understand, but it is a mere trifle, there was no concern.

You also criticized your lack of investment on the camp…
That, however, I do not accept. When I see that Maud says that I am less deserving than Xavier on the camp, it does not please me. I’m not going to say that I am more deserving than him because I can’t judge, but I can say that I am not less deserving ! After that, you should know that Cyril, Maud and Xavier are hyperactive, they don’t stop. Me, I was just very active (laughter). Therefore from the moment where I am very active on the camp and good on the tests, I see myself as deserving. I’m also disappointed that Maud said. If really she thought it, it had to be consistent and that it is voting against me instead of voting against Xavier.

They have not always appreciated your encouragement a little brutal at events… What have you to reply ?
This is my way of doing it, but on the adventure, I understand that it may not work with everyone. During the tests, I am in my bubble, I don’t think about anything, I’m out, so I’m not necessarily account for. After looking at the pictures, I realize that I am far from being the only one yelling ! It is particularly Maud, Xavier a little shoving and screaming on the other. So I am not the only one, but I acknowledge of course. During the tests, I’m not going to encourage a sweet voice my dear comrades, it is necessary to put the go ! But I conceive that it irritates from time to time.

How was the return to reality ?
It was complicated because we still head over there for several weeks. I have been a part of the final jury, so I stayed almost two months. There was no news of our loved ones, cut off from the news, on an island in the sun… the return to reality has been hard. We spoke often, just to stay still a little in the adventure. But at the end of the month, the daily returns at a gallop !

What has been the most hard on the camp for you : hunger, hygiene, the lack of close relatives, the fatigue ?
Everything that is related to the adventure, we made it very quickly. It has not suffered so much from hunger as that, because we won races in comfort and we had the chance to eat. On the camp, thanks to the kit of fishing, it has also been enough to feed properly. So actually, the more complicated has been the lack of family or rather the lack of benchmarks.

Have you lost weight ?
I don’t have the exact weight, because I have not been able to weigh myself, but I would say that I lost a dozen kilos. Basic, I’m not very big, but when I saw myself in the mirror, I had the impression to see a small child ! But I very quickly regained those pounds. We eat well at the residence of the final jury (laughter).

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