Koh-Lanta 2019 : Frédéric sacrificed, Alexander eliminated, reunification !

Since the launch of Koh-Lanta, the war of the heads on TF1, Victor, Emily, Chloe and Xavier have been eliminated, while Carinne and Aliséa have left the game for medical reasons. Now, now is the time to reunification for all three teams ! An episode that promises to be rich in twists and turns…

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Game comfort

With the approach of the reunification, nothing more. The Reds are more than three years after the council. Alexander, Maud and Cyril know that they are in danger of the other. In the case of Blue, Frederick was annoying her more and more of the behavior of Maxime, followed by Mohamed, Brice and Clo !

For this first test, the adventurers will have to drop four cubes of wood with the help of ammunition fired with a catapult. Then up to the second step : to set up a column that will have to take on a base floating on water and so moving. The Reds are more than three, it is necessary, therefore, to proceed in the draw. In the case of Blue, Mohamed, Brice and Frederick do not play, same with the Yellow for Steeve, Nicolas and Alexandre. The Blues are the first to drop the cubes of wood, which allows them to get a nice advance ! While Maxime, Clo and Cindy are building their tower, the Yellow to catch up. The Blues are breaking down their tower, and the three teams are more or less at the same stage. Finally, it is the Yellow team who won the event ! The Reds finish second, and Blue last.

Beatrice has the privilege to choose the reward. The first is made up of a fruit tart, beautiful units of cheese-cake, fresh fruit, a pot of chocolate mousse and cakes. The second reward is the following : one pizza, two pieces of cheese, crisp vegetables, a pot of guacamole and chips. The choice is not easy, but Beatrice chooses the basket salty ! The Reds retrieve the sweet.

While the winners are enjoying their meal tray, in the case of Blue, the voltage is at its peak. Frederick is annoyed to be constantly monitored and thus prevented from seeking the immunity necklace, and he does know. Cindy takes the opportunity to settle accounts with the quartet formed by Clo, Maxime, Mohamed, and Brice. Things are now clear : who wants to pick up the necklace on will. And the next morning, they are active all !

The ambassadors

Each team receives a message indicating that the heads must leave the camp on-the-field ! If they are expecting an immunity challenge played exclusively by the chiefs, it is in reality to prepare for reunification that they meet. Alexandre, Maxime and Beatrice make their bracelets of immunity and are therefore more heads. They must now, as ambassadors, to agree on the adventurer to eliminate. Where appropriate, they will draw and this is one of them who will leave the game.

While the former heads discuss, Cyril has found the immunity necklace , and the three tribes meet for reunification. The former camp Red becoming the new white. Maud and Cyril reserve a warm welcome to their classmates and offer them a little piece of cake won the night before. While the whole world goes there of his hypothesis, Beatrice, Maxime and Alexandre are back. The ambassadors announce the eliminated Frederick, found to be too strategist. The Blues do not include this choice and Cindy entrusts the front-facing camera wanting to avenge his comrade. But before you go, Frederick has to give the immunity necklace to Cindy who handed it to him. Instead of him directly, it leaves the hide, which doesn’t help the pretty blonde. But it ends up anyway by the find, phew !

Barely Frédéric party, Brice discusses strategy with the Yellow and entrust be ready to blow Cindy. For his part, Maxime thinks of alliances with Beatrice, Steeve and Sophie to take his team as far as possible.

Immunity challenge

The 14 adventurers do not have the time to recover from their emotions that they are called for the immunity challenge. Their mission is the following : hold two discs on a structure with the arms perfectly stretched. As soon as a drive occurs, the test stops for the candidate.

Surprise ! While they are still their two records, the adventurers are offered a second test to win an immunity necklace which will serve as this evening to the board. The first candidate who will let go of everything and will post a few metres away in the first, passing under a log of wood, wins the necklace. Clo, Sophie, Mohamed and Alexander rushed to the post, hoping to win the necklace ! Mohamed wins the race and is immune to the board !

They are still 10 to keep it in balance. Steeve is the first to let go, followed by Brice, Cyril, Aurélien, Angelica, Nicholas and Beatrice. Maud and jimmy compete for already 50 minutes, and the test plot thickens : they have to take the discs with only two fingers with prohibition of the use of the thumb. And finally, Maud wins the race and is immune to the board !


Tonight, everything is played out between Alexander, Cyril and Nicolas. The old Yellow and Blue they want to eliminate the Reds. But Maud is immune, then it is Alexander or Cyril… The two adventurers have never failed, unlike Nicolas, who has wanted several times to quit the game. Remains to be seen whether the adventurers will vote on merit or according to the different strategies and alliances.

Mohamed is the only one to play his immunity necklace won a few hours earlier and valid, anyway, as this evening.

With 6 votes against him, it is ultimately Alexander is eliminated. He gives his black vote in Cyril.