Lady Laistee, after 14 years of absence and a book shock : “I had to stop…”

And if it was a title dedicated to his brother, Rudy, was killed by a bullet in 1996. Lady Laistee has experienced other tragedies in which it is raised. In his autobiography In the light edition (bullring), signed with her real name (Alice Farran), she explained to have been raped by her father. On the plateau of Salvation to Earthlings in 2015, the rapper told how it happened the first time, in a parked car in a parking lot : “We fought really long time in the car and at one point, I lowered the arm. For me it was not possible, it was my father ! He has done his act and from that moment I was dead, my father was dead.” After she has found the strength to denounce him, the father of Aline Farran was sentenced to ten years in prison. He lived then in the street. The catholic religion has been a source of comfort for the artist, who has forgiven and has even tried to pull out his father from the street.

Second wind, his last album to date, released in 2005, was already a come-back. Two years earlier, Lady Laistee had a STROKE which she had several months to recover.

During these years of absence, Lady Laistee married Sébastien Farran, a future manager of Johnny Hallyday, in 2007. The couple has a son, Teo, aged a dozen years. They separated in 2009.

I believe that I have changed during these years. I also believe that I have things to say, on society, on values, on my life in this society, a loose-t on Mrs. Rap. I share all of this with the public.” And in the Return of The phoenix, she raps : “The years have flown by faster than an eternity (…) in The past I’ve left behind burn / Like the phoenix I am reborn !