Laeticia Hallyday : Hélène Darroze, in anger, denounces “injustice”

Invited on the set of TV5 Monde on Wednesday, 23 April 2019, Hélène Darroze has delivered on the underneath of his book Joia (Cherche Midi). This is no longer a secret, the famous head star and juror of Top Chef is one of the closest friends of Laeticia Hallyday. The mum of Charlotte and Quiterie was keen to make a point about the attacks that target his great friend. “We must put things in the center. It has been the last wife of Johnny, for 23 years, who has fought many of his demons, who managed to give him a balance and happiness – I can attest to that – the last few years“, she confides to Patrick Simonin.

Some dare even insinuate that Laeticia Hallyday would not be a good mother to her daughters, Jade (14 years old) and Joy (10 years). “These are things that I horripilent. It remains for me an example of a mom. When we see today the balance of his two little girls, the turmoil that they have known. These little girls who have experienced the illness of their dad who has been very difficult to live, then the loss and grief. There were also all these polemics. They manage to be balanced, healthy, and happy, “says Hélène Darroze.

Lies and injustices

Laeticia happens to be that they take up a lot of height. Rather, it is a tribute that we should make to the mom that she is, rather than things that are completely stupid. It is necessary to think of the damage that it can do on a woman who is already in mourning, “says the friend Laeticia, who has been an unwavering support since the death of Johnny.

Hélène Darroze is also shows very firm on the matter of the inheritance. “These are things that don’t look at anyone. I find that we talk a lot about them too. It’s about a family, this is not up to me to talk about it. When I hear people say all the lies and injustices around my friend…”, said she, before being cut off by the reporter.

The huge head has also co-founded The association la Bonne Etoile, comes to the aid of children and young people in need in Vietnam. Laeticia Hallyday, as PurePeople the reported, is in Vietnam for a few days with her daughters. “It is a job phenomenally. I would like to as long as one is able to concentrate on what she is doing in humanitarian aid. Do we never talk about or shortly alas. We get lost rather to say things that are not very fair, “says Hélène Darroze.

A maintenance – and a rant – to-back on TV5 Monde.