Laetitia (love is in the meadow) thinned : how she lost 13 kilos

This is a new Laetitia, who was unveiled on Instagram a year after his participation in The love is in the meadow (M6). The contender of Raoul displays a silhouette slimmed down to 13 pounds ! A before/after who has impressed his fans on the social networks. So everyone is asking what is his secret, the pretty brunette has revealed exclusively to

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You have lost 13 pounds in a year. Is that something that has been difficult ?

In fact, I have lost 13 pounds in seven months, thanks to a rebalancing of food and sport. Then, the five months that have followed, I am stabilized. A year later, I have not taken a gram, I still like it. I adopt a rhythm of life that made me feel good and I give my body what it needs. I was not eating bad before, but I was not eating necessarily the right foods and most importantly I ate in large quantities. At the beginning, there were difficult periods. The hardest thing is the family meals and parties with friends ! I like to take a drink, make me happy… the Whole world pounces on everything and anything, I brought my vegetables. It passes a little to the alien service, but now, I can refuse more easily. And also, today, I know to manage my deviations : if I treat myself this weekend, I know how to compensate for the week. I have not been helped, it is a daily work.

What is your menu type ?

I’m not for the menu type. I think that it is necessary to vary the maximum. The goal is to find foods that are good for oneself and for the body. To limit frustration, it is necessary to test things, find foods that make you happy and that are good for health. Necessarily, I think the sugar is to be banned. What I’m saying is that you will make more pleasure in eating a fruit salad or a cake without sugar and gluten that you have done with love, rather than a packet of biscuits bought from the supermarket. It gives a feeling of comfort and pleasure, but on the very short term. At the beginning, at breakfast, I was trying to force myself a bit to eat oatmeal with the milk plant, and then with time, I found the way to love it. I said before that it was the poo of a bird, now, I leave it to rest for either as a porridge and I love it ! It is necessary to experiment to find out ! What I recommend, is to eliminate the carbohydrates and the fat. After that, there remains a whole list of foods that are top, you need to see which ones are the best. I’ve tried fasting for three days, once per month. I have not held for a long time the monthly rate. For three days, I drank only water. It has helped me to put the food on a secondary plan. It was complicated the first day, then the body adapts, I’ve never been more energetic than at this time. In my experiences I’ve also done a diet for 4 months which helped me a lot.

What kind of sport do you practice ?

A year ago, when I started, I was not doing much because I didn’t have a lot of time. Today, I take the time to make a maximum of sport. And then now that I have lost, I want to tone up. Three mornings a week, I do my cardio, I’ll run. I’m going to the gym three nights a week also to develop muscles that I have left. And I’ve also taken up pole dancing once a week, this is just perfect for sculpting the silhouette.

You have put in the caption of your post Instagram “It’s not finished“. How far would you go ?

Above all I want to do not resume, continue to be as I am now. I have lost two sizes of pants, I went from a 40 to a 36. And I weigh 55 kilos for 1.69 of mr. I gave all of my clothes ! I changed my wardrobe and I am but just super happy ! I wear now clothes that I was not before or that I never applied myself not to wear it, rather, because I do not like. For the part of femininity, it is just a leap forward.

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