Laura Smet, pissed, takes it to Laeticia : “Too many lies, too much pain”

Laura Smet is furious. The young film director of 35 years, expressed his anger to his many fans, on Instagram, on Wednesday 24 April 2019. She is taking on the lies and other games of manipulation perverts who mess with the memory of his father, Johnny Hallyday. Although it does not specify in its text, written in vitriol, the little sister of David seems to recall the case of inheritance.

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My anger is immense. Thees games are repeated and perverse that last for more than a year make me want to scream from the truth. I will continue to fight for my father and my future children. Too many lies. Too much pain. Not everything is manipulation. I promise to fight for you. I love you, “wrote Laura Smet, in the caption of a photo of Johnny Hallyday when he was younger.

On the 28th of may next, the tribunal de grande instance of Nanterre will decide on the jurisdiction of the French court in the record of the legacy of the Taulier, since the latter has written his will and testament, in the United States, making Laeticia Hallyday and his daughters are his sole heirs, and thereby excluding its two seniors, David, and Laura Smet.

In his post, Instagram, the latter seems to directly refer to that case in which he opposed since a few months already Laeticia, stating “these games repeated and perverse that last for more than a year“. One wants to prove that the rocker was totally French, the other wants to demonstrate that he was, on the contrary, an american citizen. A sensitive topic which drags on for months and which began to irritate more and more Laura Smet.