Laurence Boccolini moved, 19 years after the death of his father : “I miss You…”

It has been 19 years to the day, Laurence Boccolini was experiencing a deep grief. His father, Dante disappeared. This April 23, 2019, the host of the French tv channel TF1 has decided to pay tribute to him and to come back on this trial, which was deeply marked.

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It is on his account Instagram, a comment of a photo of his father, that the mother of Willow (5 and a half years) has written : “19 years ago, just after I have kissed and I have said ‘go well’, you are gone… 19 years later, I can’t erase that moment from my memory… and The pain takes on a different dimension. She is deaf and backstab. It will strike sometimes without warning a small dagger… A memory, an image, the smell of your perfume, the sound of your voice… I have so much gratitude to have had a dad like you who was only kindness and generosity. I keep my ‘I would like so much that you’re here today’ and my ‘I so need to talk to you’ : for the past 19 years they thunder continually in my heart.”

Eums, Laurence Boccolini has continued with poetry : “When you lose those who you have loved so much, it was still a little cold, all the time, everywhere, even under the sun the most hot. Is it that you expect somewhere ? Dante. A name of poet, to a man full of words humble and love. I miss you dad. Always.”

Two years ago, the presenter spoke of his relationship with his father duringan interview conducted by a medium for Télé It revealed in particular at the time that she had never been able to visit the grave of his parents. “I never went on their grave. I can’t do it“, let go of the tears in the eyes.