Loana : “I’ve had relations with women”

There are ten-eight years, Loana was making its entrance in the Loft, which will not fail to change his life from one day to the next day. On Instagram, the star of the reality tv celebrated the anniversary by sharing a photo memory of this period. “It was 18 years ago, the day where everything changed in my life.. What a memory !!!”, registered on the social platform. On this occasion, Loana has agreed to respond to the indiscretions of the youtubeur Sam Zirah in his show In privacy. During this interview, the blonde 41-year-old talks about his tv career, his blunders, but, more importantly, it speaks of love.

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As we know, Loana is a lover of love. However, the ex-lofteuse is still single and seems to have much trouble to find her half so that she thinks about the future and start a family. The reason for this ? His lack of trust in her, as she explains : “I’m not in the seduction at all. I’m afraid of dying, I am afraid to be in love, I am afraid that you harm me.” A confidence touching to which Sam Zirah bounces in asking him about his sexual orientation, in an echo of his recent statements in the columns Here. “You said ‘I want someone at my side, not necessarily a man, I want to fall on a helping heart and in my life it happened to have a blow of heart for two'”, reminds him there.

What Loana responds in all sincerity : “It is true that I have had relations with both. With a woman when I was very young, it was before the Loft. Of course, my orientation turned to the men, but at the time of today I think that the softness of a woman and the tenderness of a woman please me a lot. I also like the strength and protection of a man, therefore I will not be stopped. I like a bit of everything. My heart wants to love someone, after that it either ‘he’ or ‘she’, regardless.”

In contrast, there was no question of the label “bisexual” : “I do not like at all the fact that people will say that I am bisexual. I love men, I love to be with a woman, it doesn’t mean that I’m wrong with a lot of different people. You can fall in love with a person in general. I’m not bisexual, I don’t like everything that I put in his boxes.”