Lorie Inveighing leaves Tomorrow belongs to us : confidences on his departure moving

On 17 April 2019, Lorie Swearing has shot his last scene in Tomorrow belongs to us. She has made the decision to take a break of a year, a choice in which it is expressed to Tv Star. The actress and singer, 36-year-old is also back on his departure very moving.

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Lorie Railing was first of all confided that she wasn’t really that she would not be in the series of TF1 before a good time : “I think I’ll realize in a few days, when I will not have text to learn or train to catch.” To mark the occasion, the team of Tomorrow belongs to us he has organized a party in a restaurant at the beginning of April. “Then, I offered a pot with the prod and I had prepared a timeline retracing the journey of Lucy, my character. We would bêtisiers, waterfalls… I cried so much“, she added.

It is with Solène Hebert (Victory in the series) that Lorie has shot his last scene. A sequence that should surprise the viewers if we are to believe his claims. “After the last clap, the team we were joined on the plateau, it was very moving, “she remembered.

Waiting to make his return on the plateau, in Sète, Lorie Railing keeps in memory the best moments. She hopes to take advantage of this break to see more of his loved ones : “I wanted to be closer to my family and my friends because it’s been two years that I turn to Sète, and I live a crazy schedule. I also wanted to have time for my tour. After that, we’ll see what the future holds for me…

Lorie Inveighing began a tour during which she resumes her tubes the most famous. But, once it will be finished, the young woman – infringement of endometriosis – account well ask.

The full interview of Lorie Railing is to be found in the magazine Tv Star, 29 April 2019.