Malika Menard topless : former Miss France surprised his fans !

Modesty is the formal mode of the body, “wrote Malika Ménard in caption this stunning shot. The sexy picture was taken in a professional setting. In fact, it is in one of the beautiful rooms of the hotel Lancaster, located near the Champs-Élysées in Paris, the star has taken the poses. Her make-up colorful in shades of pink and has been done by a professional makeup artist and this is before the flash of a photographer specialized in weddings as it is displayed.

This is not the first time that the sidekick of Camille Cerf or Rachel Legrain-Trapani is working with the same photographer. In fact, a few weeks ago, Malika Ménard had already taken the poses in front of his goal at the Saint James hotel, always in the capital. The beautiful was unveiled ultra sexy posing nude in her bath and in lingerie in white lace ! Photos which have caused a sensation among fans of our ex-Miss France.